Why Choose Bourne Orthodontics?

We Treat Our Patients Like Family Members.

At Bourne Orthodontics you are more than a patient, and are cared for like a family member, with compassion and honesty. Dr. Bourne plans treatment for his patients like they are relatives, and at every appointment, our team works hard to ensure that every patient interaction is treated with respect, professionalism, and sensitivity.

We Offer A Complimentary Exam & Complimentary Growth Observation.

We will help you understand the benefits of orthodontics before starting the process, and we will never try to sell you on a treatment that you are not comfortable with. If a patient is not immediately ready for orthodontic treatment, Dr. Bourne will continue to monitor growth and development at no charge – included in this are orthodontic records & periodic x-rays during this observation period. And of course, these patients are eligible to become a part of our Spy Club!

We Love Our Job!
We Love Our Job!
Creating beautiful smiles is not only our passion, but our pleasure! In our opinion, there's nothing more rewarding that seeing a smile transform into a work of art, and moreover, seeing a patient's self-confidence skyrocket. We love what we do, and it shows when patients tell us how much they love the fun atmosphere at our practice.
We Love Our Job!
We Value Your Time!
We Value Your Time!
We understand that you may have a very busy schedule and it is of utmost importance to us to always respect your time! This can be rare in the health care industry, but our team takes pride in seeing our patients on time, all the time!
We Value Your Time!
We Have The Best Team
We Have The Best Team
Our team is experienced at providing the highest standards in orthodontic care, and each member has a rich background in orthodontics. As a group we are always striving to better ourselves by taking advanced training courses and attending continuing education classes to make sure we are current with the latest technologies and standards. The team at Bourne Orthodontics believes that using their advanced skills, coupled with building strong relationships with our patients, will culminate in amazing results!
We Have The Best Team

We believe in presenting your individualized treatment options in a way that is easy to understand so that you can make an informed decision.

Why Choose an Orthodontist?

Why Choose an Orthodontist?

Meet Dr. Bourne and Dr. Ovard, our dedicated orthodontists who prioritize enhancing facial aesthetics, improving function, and guiding dental development. With years of specialized training, including a 2½ to 3-year residency after dental school, they’re equipped to handle complex orthodontic needs with precision and care. Unlike general dentists, orthodontists offer unique expertise tailored specifically to your orthodontic journey. Trust in their warmth and expertise for the best possible outcome.

Here are the top 4 reasons why choosing an orthodontist matters:

  • Education and Training

    Orthodontists undergo additional specialized training accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, totaling 3,700 hours. This comprehensive program focuses exclusively on the intricacies of teeth, jawbones, facial bones, and soft tissue movement, enhancing their expertise in growth and development, known as dentofacial orthopedics.

    Their specialized education enables orthodontists to address issues beyond the scope of general dentistry, such as realigning teeth and jaws. For conditions like malocclusions, which affect proper spacing, brushing, and flossing, orthodontic intervention becomes crucial. Whether it’s correcting overbites, underbites, or other bite irregularities, orthodontists utilize braces or other corrective devices to achieve optimal oral health and aesthetics. Trust orthodontists for tailored solutions and effective treatment beyond traditional dental care.

  • Saves You Time and Money

    Orthodontists undergo specialized training that general dentists lack, reducing the risk of costly mistakes during treatment. Incorrectly moved teeth may lead to new dental issues like overbites or jaw pain. Orthodontists often have to rectify mistakes made by general dentists attempting orthodontic procedures, resulting in additional time and expenses for corrective measures. Trust the expertise of orthodontists to ensure proper treatment and avoid unnecessary complications.

  • More Experience

    Orthodontists specialize in correcting bites and straightening teeth, making them experts in enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your smile. On the other hand, general dentists excel in maintaining overall oral health, focusing on issues like tooth decay and gum disease. If you seek teeth straightening or experience discomfort due to an improper bite, it’s advisable for your dentist to refer you to a reputable orthodontist for specialized care.

  • Wide Variety of Treatment Options

    While many general dentists limit treatment options to Clear Aligners, not all patients are suitable candidates for this method. Orthodontists provide a diverse range of treatments, including Clear Aligners, ceramic braces, and supportive appliances, ensuring tailored solutions for each individual’s needs. Trusting an orthodontist guarantees the safest and most effective treatment for your smile, avoiding unnecessary expenses on methods that may not achieve desired results securely.

What people are saying

We Provide The Highest Quality Of Care.

Bourne Orthodontics is renowned as providing the highest quality of care. In dental school, Dr. Bourne was elected as Class President, and also received many awards and scholarships for his excellent work.

After dental school, Dr. Bourne completed a 2-year advanced orthodontic education program. Since then, Dr. Bourne continues his education with continuing education courses, advanced education study clubs, and serving as a board member in the Snohomish County Dental Society. Obviously, striving for excellence and perfectionism is a standard for Dr. Bourne.

This is why dentists from all over the county, state, and even country refer to Bourne Orthodontics. Rest assured, Dr. Bourne provides an individualized treatment plan for each and every patient, and achieves absolutely fantastic results!

We Make Braces Affordable.

Investing in a perfect smile is one of the few things where you can reap the benefits for a lifetime! Our Financial Coordinator will work with each patient to find the most affordable payment option to fit your specific financial needs, including flexible no interest payment plans. We accept most dental insurance plans and manage these claims for you, to help you maximize your benefits. We are proud to offer special discounts to family members of patients, teachers, and military personnel.

The Bourne's Bucks Program

Achieving the best results in orthodontic treatment requires extra time and effort from the patient, and the staff at Bourne Orthodontics would like to make this as fun as possible. To help do this, we have the Bourne’s Bucks Program.

We will be rewarding your hard work with BOURNE’S BUCKS for doing your part in keeping your orthodontic treatment on track. Your BOURNE’S BUCKS can be redeemed for gift certificates to places like: Starbucks, Target & More!

We Give Back To The Community.

We are committed to improving and being active members of our community! Dr. Bourne is a large supporter and donor to local school districts, many local sports teams, various local charities and civic organizations. Please visit our Community Involvement page to see all of the amazing things Bourne Orthodontics does in the community.

  • Awards & Recognition
    Dr. Bourne Honored by the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Stevens
    Dr. Bourne Honored by the Boys & Girls Club of Lake Stevens
    Treasurer for the Snohomish County Dental Society
    Treasurer for the Snohomish County Dental Society
  • Adopt-A-Street Program

    In May 2013 Bourne Orthodontics was able to adopt a street in Marysville. Our team wanted to take part in creating a better, more attractive living environment in our community by helping to reduce unsightly litter.

  • Aquafest

    Each year Bourne Orthodontics takes part in Lake Stevens Aquafest. There are always lots of fun prizes and giveaways!

  • C-Trail Run

    We are so excited to be a part of this fun community event each year! 5k, 10k, and kids .5 mile run. A portion of the proceeds goes towards the Lake Stevens School District Stephen R. Covey “Leader In Me” Program. The run is along the beautiful Centennial Trail. More event info at www.lakestevenschamber.com

  • Girl Scouts

    Each troop that visits gets to learn about what Dr. Bourne does, how to take impressions, and of course proper oral hygiene! And what do Girl Scouts do best? HELP OTHERS! The troop is able to put together oral hygiene kits to donate to those who are in need! The girls are also able to earn badges such as Healthy Habits!

  • Halloween Candy Buy-Back

    Every year, Bourne Orthodontics collects Halloween candy from individuals from all over Snohomish County. For every pound of candy donated, $2.00 is given to the “trick-or-treater,” and $2.00 is donated to a local charity such as Boys & Girls Club & YMCA. The collected candy is then picked up by wonderful young lady named Mary Welsh from Arlington, who spends countless hours sorting and packaging the candy to be shipped to our brave troops serving overseas.

    We have been fortunate to be able to share the candy each year with others as well. Also included are Christian Ministries in Africa who are able to take some of the candy with them on their trips to Nairobi to give small amounts to the local children, while providing HIV/AIDS education to the Kenyan people, Heartbeat: Serving Wounded Warriors — where the candy is given to over 1000 wounded servicemen & women at the VA & Fort Lewis Hospitals, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance — for patients undergoing treatment, and last but not least the local Food Banks.

  • Lake Stevens Health & Safety Fair

    The Lake Stevens Health & Safety Fair is fun for the whole family. Learn health & safety tips for everyday life. Fun games & raffles! This fun event is hosted by the Lake Stevens Fire Department & Lake Stevens Police Department.

  • Lake Stevens Oktoberfest

    In 2012 Bourne Orthodontics was able to participate in the Lake Stevens Oktoberfest and sponsor the Pumpkin Carving Contest at the Gazebo in North Cove Park.

  • Marysville Healthy Challenge Day

    Each year Bourne Orthodontics is able to participate in Marysville’s Healthy Communities Challenge Day. This fun-filled community event is focused on healthy living in Marysville! Take part in interactive activities, fitness demos, enjoy live entertainment and more, all with the focus on fitness, nutrition, gardening, recreation, community support and healthy lifestyles.

  • Merrysville For The Holidays

    Each year Bourne Orthodontics participates in the annual Merrysville for the Holidays Winter Celebration! A night of winter wonderland family activities, including the Electric Lights Parade and the Water Tower Lighting! Visit Bourne Orthodontics at the Historic Truck Photo Booth.

  • Paint The Town Purple

    Each year in April Lake Stevens gets decked out in purple to promote Relay for Life of Lake Stevens and to create awareness for cancer research and The American Cancer Society. Businesses and homes are trimmed in purple bows, signs, ribbons, flowers and many other items to show that they support Relay for Life and to finding a cure for cancer. Prizes are given for Best of Show, Most Creative, & Most spirited! We love to participate in this community event filled with fun & hope!

  • Scholarships

    Dr. Bourne established the Health Professions Scholarship to support high school students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. He is proud to work with the Lake Stevens Education Foundation on this scholarship, and truly enjoys awarding the scholarship to a deserving student every year at the Lake Stevens High School Senior Awards night.

  • Sponsorships

    At Bourne Orthodontics, we are proud to support a variety of sports, educational, and community organizations through sponsorships.

    To submit a sponsorship request, please complete a Sponsorship Application Form and email it to [email protected], drop it off at our office, or mail it to either one of our locations.

    Please note that all sponsorship requests require a completed Sponsorship Application Form. Due to the overwhelming number of requests that we receive each year, first priority will be given to patients who are currently in orthodontic treatment, and we ask for your understanding that it is not possible for us to approve all requests that are received.

We LOVE Our Community

Community involvement is a priority for Dr. Bourne & his dedicated team! We hope to not only improve our patients’ smiles but the communities they live in too!

Dr. Bourne is a large supporter and donor to area school districts, many local sports teams, and various civic organizations, including the Boys and Girls Clubs, and the YMCA. He has a history of giving his time, energy and resources to organizations that extend beyond orthodontic care.

It's Time To Experience Excellence!

Our focus is on providing the highest quality of orthodontic treatment in a patient-centered, relaxing, and fun atmosphere. We want to help you along your journey of experiencing how rewarding and beneficial orthodontic care can be. Excellence in orthodontics along with personalized care is very important to us and we stop at nothing to provide our patients with this each day! When you are ready to experience what sets us apart from other orthodontic practices, contact our office to schedule your complimentary initial exam. Dr. Bourne and his team are dedicated to helping you so that you can find yourself prepared & confident to begin your journey to a beautiful smile! We look forward to working with you, and to being a part of this wonderful, life changing experience.