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Why Do I Need To Wear Rubber Bands?

WE KNOW THAT RUBBER BANDS are sometimes the most difficult part of having braces. They are, however, extremely important for improving your smile! Elastics work together with the brackets and wire in your braces to straighten your teeth and correct your bite.

Rubber Elastics Are A Key Part Of Your Orthodontic Treatment

The purpose of rubber bands is usually to correct an overbite or an underbite. They are also used to help move teeth in a way that braces may not be able to do alone.

Each patient receives a customized set of rubber bands, specifically catered to their treatment needs. When worn properly, these tiny rubber bands apply the steady pressure needed to move teeth into the correct position.

Make Sure To Wear Your Rubber Bands Correctly

Here are some tips to remember when wearing rubber elastics:

  • Carry around extra rubber bands and replace them as soon as one breaks.
  • Switch your rubber bands out one to two times per day, as they lose their elasticity with time.
  • Do not double up. This can put too much pressure on teeth and set back your orthodontic progress.
  • Wear as directed. Only take them off to eat, brush, or when instructed by your orthodontist.
  • Practice consistency. The more diligent you are in wearing your elastics correctly, the sooner you’ll have your beautiful new smile!

Rubber Elastics Speed Up Treatment Time

Each smile is unique and we take pride in providing individualized care for your specific orthodontic needs. For many patients, elastics are essential in obtaining their new smile. If you have any questions about elastics or which orthodontic treatment options are right for you, schedule an appointment or leave a comment below!

Thank you for choosing us as your orthodontic practice. We appreciate you!

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